Charities are required to have reserves - and Reserve Policies - to justify why money is being kept from their beneficiaries. 

One of the best reasons is to help see the organisation through hard times - and if now is not a hard time for charities, when will be? Now is the time to draw on reserves built up in easier times.

It cannot have been easy for the Royal Opera House to put its Hockney portrait of one of its earlier directors up for sale, but what good is an asset like that if there is nothing left to celebrate? What good are reserves if you never use them when you need them?

At Yoke we look at charities from the charity side of the table and know that the money is there for the good of beneficiaries. We are independent and do not manage money for clients so we have no conflict when it comes to recommending withdrawing investments to fund spending. 

So if you want help in accessing your historic reserves, or support in persuading the powers that be, then get in touch so we can share our deep experience of making sure that future is never held hostage by the past.

Yoke and Company is the trading name of Yoke Financial Consultants Limited, incorporated in England and Wales (No 10787996) and registered at 6 Normanhurst Road, London, SW2 3TA. Yoke Financial Consultants Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register reference number 826126)
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