Category: Investments

Does what matters get measured?

Are you measuring your investments? If so by what measure and is it correct for your charity?
3 Nov 2022

Managing Inflation

Some helpful considerations to manage high inflation.
9 Sep 2022

The Rule of 72

A simple formula for charities to understand the effects of inflation.
16 Aug 2022

Yoke celebrates its 5th anniversary!

Five of our common threads with charities and their finances.
6 Jun 2022

How can charities navigate another crisis?

A few simple steps to consider.
14 Mar 2022

Inflation Issues

Financial press is constantly talking about inflation. Here are some simple factors for charities to consider.
7 Dec 2021

COP26 –Concrete changes

Cutting emissions with concrete
1 Nov 2021

Inflation - what counts?

A parable on inflationary factors for charities.
21 Sep 2021

Summer fun

Are you getting enough Type 1 fun this summer?
9 Aug 2021

Whose money is it anyway?

Spend or save - who decides?
10 Jun 2021

The hidden costs of investment

The investment management industry is becoming less profitable, but it doesn’t mean fees are going down
28 Jan 2021

No one has ever become poor by giving

A few observations of charities during the extraordinary year that was 2020
13 Dec 2020

Maximizing impact

If impact lies in delivering benefit to beneficiaries, there are more impediments than simply not aligning money and mission.
11 Sep 2020

Is Total Return still too terrifying?

Now is the time to use some investment reserves
6 Jul 2020

Comparing statistics in a Covid-19 world

We are all experts now
13 May 2020

Short of investment income? Some suggestions

Now is a good time to use all those years of excess capital gains and to keep spending through this hiatus
16 Apr 2020

How do charities approach investing in line with their purpose and values?

The Charity Commission is seeking your views
19 Feb 2020

My terrible mistake

A cautionary tale
5 Nov 2019

Riddles about risk

And why risk requires uncertainty.
3 Sep 2019

DIY investing: keep it simple

The only investment questions Trustees need to ask
31 Jul 2019

Our charity view at two: five observations of charity finance

Our reflections on the common themes that have presented in our first two years in business
9 Jul 2019

Why the National Trust is not so bad

And why Trustees need to be proportionate in managing investments and reputation
24 Nov 2018

The huff and puff of ESG investing

Where does the legalisation sit within the investment debate over Ethical, Social and Governance investing?
5 Nov 2018

Putting the 'S' into ESG

Some statistics from the 2018 Newton Charity Investment Survey
11 Oct 2018

To save or spend: the Trustee's dilemma

Why Trustees are allowed to take risks with the charity’s future, so long as they have thought about it
30 Sep 2018

Getting ready for the tide to go out

Why independent advice is so important for any Trustee body that is not confident in making decisions about their investment risk.
2 Sep 2018

Why charities need to engage

When it comes to investment, charities need to engage, not be entertained by fund manager presentations
23 Jul 2018

Yoke is a year old: ten things we have learnt about charities

What have we learnt so far and what has changed?
27 May 2018

Why are fund managers becoming insecure?

Signs of uncertainty after a decade of confidence
29 Apr 2018

Responsible investing

And why signing up to an ESG index can be a good place to start
2 Apr 2018

Looking down the wrong end of a telescope

A detailed case study of our approach in supporting charities with their financial governance
4 Mar 2018

Does inequality exist within charities?

An overview of findings from three recently published industry reports
4 Feb 2018

A false stop: having confidence and conviction on future returns

And why Trustees have a duty to push back to make sure that the advice they are being given is reasonable and reliable
21 Jan 2018

'Please Sir, I want some more'

Or why Trustees should develop their appetite for risk
26 Nov 2017
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