Our work involves getting to the heart of the organisation, to understand the interaction of the financial objectives, liquidity, investments and reserves. We help you have a better understanding of your finances and governance in order to establish a better relationship with your existing advisors. While Yoke doesn't act as an auditor, give legal advice or manage money, we understand these areas and know expert professional advisors who are qualified to fulfil these roles

Case study

In July 2018 a foundation that supports a defined group of beneficiaries approached Yoke to help develop appropriate reserves, spending and investment structures for the Trustees to use when setting strategic financial plans. 

We helped establish a robust financial framework to reassure Trustees that making an additional investment in internal resources such as fundraising can be controlled and consistent with the preservation of the long-term value of the endowment, whilst maintaining a margin of financial safety for existing activities. 

Yoke prepared a report suggesting a financial framework for the foundation’s policies for investment, spending and reserves to guide future financial decisions by Trustees and give them confidence in those decisions. It demonstrated that the Trustees, through prudent investing and spending, had historically more than preserved the endowment against inflation. 

We established that the value of the charity’s assets has grown significantly over the years since it was established, principally due to some very favourable years of market returns and outlined that investing in the activity of the charity - furthering the charity’s mission - such as fundraising and investing in its beneficiaries, should be viewed as an alternative to investing in financial assets. 

We helped the Trustees define some financial objectives in order to make their financial strategy explicit and proposed a set of policies to introduce a more robust link between what the charity decides to retain for the future, what it wishes to spend, and how it will decide in the future on saving and spending.

What our clients say

“We are grateful to Yoke for simplifying how we look at our reserves and articulate clearly how we might allocate the charity’s capital. Through a series of meetings to discuss our financial needs. James and Guy were able to grasp our requirements with clarity, suggesting alternative suggestions that were subsequently presented to the Finance Committee. 

Overall, adopting Yoke’s advice has helped the foundation really develop its financial strategy. It has been a very productive and constructive engagement and I would not hesitate to recommend Yoke to other charities.”

Deepa Korea, Head of Foundation, Royal College of Nursing

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