Yoke and Company has over 40 years of charitable finance and governance experience. We have been involved in a range of projects.


What We've Achieved

  • A complete review of a GBP60m endowment investment strategy
  • Implementing an investment strategy, appropriate asset allocation and manager selection for a charity that recently sold a property for GBP85m cash
  • Independent monitoring of investment performance, including supply of attribution analysis and market commentary to finance committees and trustee boards
  • Project managing the interviewing and selection of investment managers
  • Organising a banking review for a charity, tender and beauty parade
  • Assisting with the selection of investment consultants, asset allocation review and manager selection for a GBP250m Common Investment Fund
  • Advising on cash management for an endowed charity that had recently issued a GBP15m social impact bond
  • Evaluation of charities’ structure, governance and management
  • Assisting and advising on the establishment of a Family Office in London for an international family group
  • Merger of three historic charities in one, adopting current charity law and regulation
  • Assessing a charity’s fund-raising strategy and impact measurement to meet its grant-making needs
  • Advising a hedge fund manager and family on the establishment of a UK charity, appropriate asset allocation of the endowment and levels of income to support the grant-making policy


We are available to help you

We would be delighted to understand your organisation’s particular circumstances and see if we can help you to achieve the most value from your assets.