Yoke and Company has over 40 years of charitable finance and governance experience. We have been involved in a range of projects.


We've helped charities achieve

  • Independent financial review of a new strategic project
  • £5m financial restructuring generating savings of £1m
  • Analysis of financial investment against social investment
  • Cash management reviews
  • Review of governance and controls between charity and trading subsidiaries
  • Declining beneficiary numbers – options for the future of the charity 
  • Investment manager reviews
  • Providing independent support for CEO’s new propositions at Board meetings
  • Facilitating trustee engagement with financial risk and risk appetite
  • Balance sheet reviews
  • Business plan reviews
  • Support and advice (when it’s all gone wrong…)
  • Merger co-ordination and assimilation


We are available to help you

We would be delighted to understand your organisation’s particular circumstances and see if we can help you to achieve the most value from your assets.