Yoke and Comany was founded with the simple aim of helping charities of all sizes effectively manage their assets and make the most of them, however they want to use them. 

A common sense approach 

We provide a holistic framework for trustees and staff of charities to give them confidence in their decisions. Growing regulation and demand on charities is placing an increasing burden on those who manage not-for-profit groups in the UK and lay trustees can sometimes feel marginalised when participating in these technical decisions.

Needless to say we believe that providing such advice requires deep and extensive experience of charities, absolute integrity and a passion to make sure that it is the trustees of a charity who are in control of its activities, not anyone else.

We do not aim to change the way you run your charity for the sake of it.  Our work involves getting to the heart of the organisation, to understand how you earn what you spend, what reserves to keep (or not) and how to use your capital effectively. We help you have a better understanding of your finances and governance to have a better relationship with your existing advisors.