At Yoke and Company we take time to get to know you and your charitable needs. We do not aim to change the way you run your charity for the sake of it.  

The primary purpose of any charity is to achieve its charitable mission. To do this a charity needs to have a robust financial strategy with complementary procedures and policies.


health check

We offer an annual health check to ensure that trustees and staff have the correct polices and procedures in place. This will give them the confidence to manage the assets at their disposal. We take time to help those with responsibility for the assets to understand their risks and make better decisions.


Our work involves getting to the heart of the organisation, to understand the interaction of the financial objectives, liquidity, investments and reserves. We help you have a better understanding of your finances and governance in order to establish a better relationship with your existing advisors. While Yoke doesn't act as an auditor, give legal advice or manage money, we understand these areas and know expert professional advisors who are qualified to fulfil these roles. 



Investment ADvice

Charities feel under pressure to review their investments on a periodic basis and often struggle to find an independent expert. We look at investments in a different way to most consultants by starting with the trustee's perspective and gaining full understanding of their financial strategy. Only then, can suitable investment decisions be made and implemented. In many cases this can be a simple reassessment rather than a full blown review, which can be time consuming and expensive.