We assist charities with their financial governance


Growing regulation and demand on charities is placing a burden on those who manage not-for-profit groups in the UK.

Yoke and Company provides a holistic framework for trustees and staff of charities to give them confidence in managing their assets and to make better decisions.

We offer an annual health check and strategic advice to enable charities to improve outcomes for their beneficiaries.



Yoke and Company was founded with the simple aim to help charities of all sizes properly manage their assets and understand their risk appetite. By reviewing the policies and procedures to ensure they meet the financial needs of a charity, we help charities to make better decisions and remove some of the stress.

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What we do

We provide charities with a simple annual health check to ensure that the necessary policies and procedures are in place to meet regulatory, legal and accounting guidelines. 

We offer strategic advice on financial governance, policies and investments.

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